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Chemical feeding methods can vary but many include the use of chemical solution tanks and proportioning pumps or special ball briquette chemical feeders and others

In general, steam boiler chemicals (phosphates,  caustic, etc.) are added directly to the feed-water or the feedwater line.  Each application requires a methodology that produces the most effective chemical addition.  

Chemicals used to prevent condensate system corrosion may be fed directly to the steam or into the feed-water system, depending on the specific chemical used.

Continuous feeding is preferred but intermittent application will suffice in some cases.

Closed water systems are usually fed using a by-pass feeder.  They can also be controlled using a falling set-point controller and other more sophisticated devices.

The proper introduction of chemical is frequently a decisive factor in overall performance of the chemical treatment program.  It is also decided by convenience  and space availability in many cases.


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