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Water Management Services Inc. (WMS) is a corporation established in 1982 and dedicated to minimizing the problems associated with machine waters.  This is done using effective water treatment services and proper water treatment equipment.

The most common machine waters are those used for heating and cooling such as steam generators, water cooled chillers, jacketed processing vats and others.  Water Management Services Inc is a company that chemically treats water and supplies the appropriate water treatment equipment for optimal heating and cooling equipment operation.

These pieces of equipment can experience problems that  are generally due to Deposits (Clogging), Leaks due to corrosion, Bacterial problems such as Legionnaire's Disease and algae, and Freezing due to low flow and low temperature

The problems mentioned above are annoying, disruptive and expensive.  Addressing these issues properly is the first step toward a more progressive and well run Operations and Maintenance Department

WMS provides results......   Water treatment done right.

WMS services clients in the Mid-Atlantic states.  Our clients are Facilities and Operations Managers for light industry, hospitals, educational facilities, large office complexes, and government buildings.

Water chemistry is the key.  The service program revolves around on-site and accurate water analysis of operating equipment by trained service personnel  Assessing the composition of the water provides the necessary information to take corrective action.  On-site and immediate corrective action and system recommendations constitute the basis for a smooth running operation.


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Training Manuals

To support in the use and understanding of heating and cooling water treatment issues, we offer useful training manuals ... more>







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