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Facilities and Operations has the responsibility to ensure reliable, continuous and efficient operation of water based heating and cooling systems. Proper and effective water treatment is a critical part of this program.

Water contains many impurities. The design and operation of modern water based heating and cooling systems is such that proper feed water treatment is required.

Water Management Services Inc. can provide is a comprehensive "turnkey" approach that includes: application of chemicals, on-site testing, diagnostic studies and other services.

Modern, water based heating and cooling systems require both external water treatment, to remove impurities, and internal chemical treatment, to minimize deposition and corrosion.

WMS water treatment services minimize deposits, corrosion and bacterial problems. Deposits are extremely problematic because they impede heat transfer, lead to under-deposit corrosion and can cause metal failures.

Water Management Services Inc. uses a wide array of product chemistries for this purpose.


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