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Failed Valves

Probably the most preventable yet very costly failure is freezing.  This is normally accompanied by the bursting of piping and equipment.

Most freezing occurs because of air stratification, low flow due to clogging, failure  to remove air from a heat exchanger, poor system design and, of course, low temperatures.

While at first glance, it may appear that freezing is not related to water treatment and water chemistry, this is simply not the case.

Poor water treatment and failure to make the necessary repairs can lead to clogging and it formation which causes low flow. 

Additionally, leaks elsewhere in the system can cause unnecessary amounts of city water to be introduced which enters with entrained air.  Clogging can also limit the effectiveness of automatic air injectors. The use of glycol can provide a measure of protection which produces a larger margin for error with respect to water management and maintenance.

Clients of WMS enjoy the expertise in this area including the widely acclaimed "The Use of Glycol in HVAC Systems" produced by WMS.

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