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Water frequently contains suspended matter such as mud, silt, corrosion product and bacteria.

Left in the water, this material can cause problems.  These problems can show as the blinding of a sensor, clogging of a control valve,  or deposits in operating equipment.

The process of filtration removes most suspended matter.  Filtration can be done several different ways.

The most common filters are media filters, made from anthracite, sand and garnet. Other types of filters, such as cartridge filters, sock filters and strainers are also used.

Filter media choice, filter bed depth and other design parameters are determined by the quality of the water and system requirements.

Normally,  a backwashing filter would be followed by a fine cartridge filter for the best results.

The backwashing filter can take high solids loading before flows are reduced and can be self cleaning.

The polishing filter insures any residual material does not get through.

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